Sunday, May 31, 2009

maybe tomorrow i will post some pictures of my trip which only lasted aday because i woke up and rode like 12 miles to my uncles house and realized i couldhave  saved all the money just one more hour of riding.  knees spent, thighs hurt, calves hurt, triceps hurt wrists hurt cause i rode riser bars with oury's cause i wanted people to know im an urban rider not a roadie also my asshole and the spot under my balls is so raw i always today feel like i have to shit but it's just the ghost pain from yesterday.  

should leave on tuesday morning for nyc but this time I think I'll just charge all the way down untill i can hit the northern most subway or train or whatever.  I can see how bike tripping can get sort of addicting, if I paired camping with this, I would be free to go anywhere there'd be no reason  not to bike all across the country.  

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