Tuesday, May 26, 2009

everybody leaves, you spend 12 hours running up and down elevators with all your shit, you're yelling at each other by 3pm, the school decides they are going to force you out of your apt by 6pm or 350 dollar fine but it happens to be on the same day as waterfire and brown's graduation, so every fucking street to get back to your apt is blocked so you try to take a shortcut but have to drive around in circles until you are further behind where you started, you lose your key, nearly run out of gas, and finally you get everything in the house but there's no toilet paper, you spend the next day just unpacking the stuff just a day ago was completely manageable, then you go get drunk with the three other people left in town but realize what is really more fun than sitting around and joking about falling off of balconies is going skateboarding, then waking up sore and hungover to go to work then you do it all over again and your getting tired and can't really tell which day it is because your house doesn't stay the same, you seem to stay the same while everything around you changes and it's really hard and all you wanna do is have a home to come back to, ok?

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